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    Re: Pres of ACOEM responds to WSJ Article

    Posted by MBobMean on 1/25/07

    Actually Sharon, the NSC published a brief review that echos
    teh findings of the ACOEM. I have never found the NSC to be
    corporate shills or doubters, simply people concerned with
    what could and could not be established. See it at:

    Also, the ACOEM acknowledges some potential health effects
    from mold exposure:

    "A growing body of literature associates a variety of
    diagnosable respiratory illnesses (asthma, wheezing, cough,
    phlegm, etc.), particularly in children, with residence in
    damp or water-damaged homes (see reviews 3-5). Recent
    studies have documented increased inflammatory mediators in
    the nasal fluids of persons in damp buildings, but found
    that mold spores themselves were not responsible for these
    changes.6,7 While dampness may indicate potential mold
    growth, it is also a likely indicator of dust mite
    infestation and bacterial growth. The relative contribution
    of each is unknown, but mold, bacteria, bacterial
    endotoxins, and dust mites can all play a role in the
    reported spectrum of illnesses, and can all be minimized by
    control of relative humidity and water intrusion."

    Why are you being so hard on them? They're simply
    explaining the state of the available evidence. I wasn't
    impressed with the WSJ piece, I don't think newspaper
    reporters typicall--regardless of how exhaustive they say
    their reserach is--are terribly accurate or qualified, and I
    certainly agree that the evidence to date is lacking for
    many of the cause and effect associations that have
    been "hinted at" in many case reports, but that molds are
    certainly, or certainly can be, allergens and sensitizers
    and make people sick.

    What's so terribly wrong with that?


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