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    Re: Canada Posits Mold Guidelines

    Posted by Sharon on 1/25/07


    That is a good doc! I would be willing to bet money though,
    that the following sentence will be misapplied within the

    "Further, results from tests for the presence of fungi in air
    cannot be used to assess risks to the health of building


    On 1/25/07, MBobMean wrote:
    > On 1/25/07, MBobMean wrote:
    > FYI, look about 1/4 to 1/3 down on the screen:
    > ANNEX
    > MOULDS
    > Physical and chemical properties
    > The word "mould" is a common term referring to fungi that
    > can grow on building materials in homes or other buildings.
    > Mould growth can influence air quality because both spores
    > and mycelial fragments are dispersed into the air and can be
    > inhaled. Their penetration into the bronchial tree depends
    > on their size. The smaller particles penetrate deeper into
    > the lungs.
    > Three features of mould biochemistry are of special interest
    > in terms of human health:
    > Mould cell walls contain (1->3)--D-glucan, a compound with
    > inflammatory properties;
    > Mould spores and mycelial fragments contain allergens; and
    > The spores of some species contain low molecular weight
    > chemicals that are cytotoxic or have other toxic properties
    > (e.g. satratoxins and atranones produced by Stachybotrys
    > chartarum).

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