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    Re: Boston Society for Advanced Therapeutics/ Angle

    Posted by Angel on 1/26/07

    As Einstein said.....The difference between genius and
    stupidity, is that genius has it's limits......

    Apparently, you have no limit. AS you can not figure out the
    degree associated with my name.....

    You know nothing about my bottom line and that's how it will

    I know my limits....and I elect to eradicate you.....go apply
    some of Clarins mens are not that brain dead
    yet....but, at least 1 or 2 applications of their products
    will suffice.

    FYI, for future posts, learn to SPELL!

    As Meryl Streep said at the Golden Gloves..."That's All"

    On 1/26/07, John Codie wrote:
    > Angle BSAT
    > The membership to a non-profit organization for for drug
    > research as a association as Angel BSAT to a for-profit
    > Neveda Corporation for the evaluations of perfume's with
    > listed toxicologist, two of which are seen as grooming each
    > other on this board? The apple does not fall far from the
    > tree does it Angel? Say it doesn't affect your bottom
    > line? The reputations are your blood line to profits? I
    > thought is smelled special interest, but you know in the
    > south no all smells are offensive, or toxic. Lotts of luck
    > in your crusade!
    > jc

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