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    Re: Boston Society for Advanced Therapeutics/ Angle

    Posted by johncodie on 1/27/07

    Then you can make the correction of your degree in the Subject
    line. All newspapers have a sections for corrections; and as
    far as spelling I am still trying. From my reviews of even the
    best of publications and even the science teachers handout from
    the best schools, they still miss the mark. The message was
    still received and no I don't care to dash on products. Please
    invest in Bob's web site. Send him a check. As raw as the
    information gets on his site, you can see and hear some of the
    ground zero developments coming to light. Perhaps Bob doesn't
    want to be associated with your site or your toxicolgist?

    I changed the subject line Sharon as I knew it was not you! I
    think it was Angle doing a copy and paste. I think the public
    can see the special interest group on Angles sight and need to
    think do they want such an association representing them on a
    toxic mold case?



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