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    Re: Ira Besserman I do know Dr. Lipsey, and Dr. Thrasher

    Posted by brooke on 12/22/09

    On 2/12/07, johncodie wrote:
    > C. S. Elliot? You write great science fiction and you
    > haven't even gotten to first base! So glad you can afford
    > two toxicologist, but so sad you can't settle on one that
    > handel both of your family needs. Your last post was three
    > years ago and you have'nt found an attorney for youself?
    > Thats some pretty good pie in the sky endorsements, for no
    > specifics of metrics. I hear the "Its a small small world
    > endorsement coming". Things must be slow for Richard and
    > Jack to have CS endorsing their work/frendship.
    > On 2/12/07, CS wrote:
    > If it is a newly constructed house I recommend contacting
    > If it is an insurance issue, contact
    > In either case, or in
    > some other I wish
    > you luck on finding a good matter what state
    > you're in, that's a major task especially if you're in a
    > large city and their reputation is rather anonymous. Don't
    > depend on only the state bar association for researching
    > lawyers either, as sometimes they keep disciplinary
    > private. Search the lawyer's names both with and wihtout
    > middle name and initial on a good search engine like
    > too.
    > Hello this message is for Ira Besserman. I just wanted to
    > answer your question referring to Dr. Richard Lipsey.
    > Dr. Richard Lipsey, and Dr. Jack Thrasher at that matter
    > are GREAT at their fields. They are both wonderful
    > Toxciologists, and are very helpful when you need it
    > most. I am a client of them both.
    > I really do believe that some of the comments made on here
    > by others (I will not name names) really are uncalled for,
    > and underhanding. Infact for a moment there I thought I
    > was back in Highschool. LOL
    > Both Dr. Lipsey, and Dr. Thrasher really know how to help
    > and are completly qualified. So if you are needing some
    > expert help, please do reach one or both of them. ;0) I
    > am a client, and I am very happy thus far with their work
    > for me and my family.
    > I hope you have a Lovely Day! ;0) And good luck with your
    > case.

    Dr Jack Thrasher saved my life! I don't know where I would be
    health wise if I didn't find him online. He responded quickly
    to my needs and referred me to the best specialist available.
    Thank you Dr Thrasher...I will never forget you! B-

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