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    Post: Ira Besserman I do know Dr. Lipsey, and Dr. Thrasher

    Posted by CS on 2/12/07

    Hello this message is for Ira Besserman. I just wanted to
    answer your question referring to Dr. Richard Lipsey.

    Dr. Richard Lipsey, and Dr. Jack Thrasher at that matter
    are GREAT at their fields. They are both wonderful
    Toxciologists, and are very helpful when you need it
    most. I am a client of them both.

    I really do believe that some of the comments made on here
    by others (I will not name names) really are uncalled for,
    and underhanding. Infact for a moment there I thought I
    was back in Highschool. LOL

    Both Dr. Lipsey, and Dr. Thrasher really know how to help
    and are completly qualified. So if you are needing some
    expert help, please do reach one or both of them. ;0) I
    am a client, and I am very happy thus far with their work
    for me and my family.

    I hope you have a Lovely Day! ;0) And good luck with your

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