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    Post: FEN-Neurotoxic/Valve Case

    Posted by Scott on 2/20/07

    Have 2 cases reviewed which are both viable. 1 in the MDL
    awaiting disposal the other disposed of on Summary JAN.
    2004. According to the "Florida continuation doctorine" The
    refiled case is considered the "same case filing" both
    claims were handled NEGLIGENTLY. I have been advised by
    several Professional Malpractice attorneys to pursue my own
    counsel. Wire taping, fraudulent misrepresentation,
    concealment, negligence are invloved. Looking for MILLION +
    If you can help I can e-mail/fax preliminary docs. Have
    done my homework and have 8 years invested. Currently on
    disability. Member of Leflaw chat board. THANK YOU

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