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    Posted by s on 3/23/07

    (At the bottom of the website you will find the following
    [Give Help To Victims Of Toxic Mold ] to submit a response:

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    "Two Faces Of Toxic Mold"

    by iris harden (brooks)

    Why are mold-induced illnesses being ignored? People all
    over America are losing their health, homes and

    careers due to mold-infested buildings. They suffer from
    serious and life-threatening illness due to unsafe

    Can a thousand words paint a clear picture? Perhaps a
    picture can paint a thousand words. It's time to

    break the mold of greed, deceit and death. Look into the
    the TRU face of toxic mold.

    It's Time To Break The Mold

    I heard what you said, it's only in my head

    But you didn't hear ME because you're not listening

    I'm living dying proof, it's time to break the mold

    A toxic situation's raging out of control

    Up against a wall, stranded in between

    A nation's right to know, what lies behind the scene

    Although it's covered up, the evidence still grows

    In our culture today, a hidden danger grows

    Don't tell me it's not REAL, till you find it hard to move

    Mr. Allergist and Immunologist

    How many must it kill to change your point of views

    But you're not listening, not listening..

    We're fighting wars in foreign lands - to protect and keep
    us free

    From the threat of mass destruction - health and home and

    While right here in America - like the Battle In New

    A lethal weapon's on the loose - taking lives - stealing

    We need an Act of Congress to educate and make aware

    Give help to hopeless people facing darkness and despair

    In the schools it harms our children - this invader doesn't

    It's where we work and where we live - no escape when it's
    too late

    It's time to break the mold

    You're STILL not listening...

    To those who think this is a game - you've yet to feel a
    victim's pain

    I'm speaking out because I care - biowarfare's in the air

    We can't prevent a hurricane - storms of life will take
    their toll

    But we can break that big black chain - and we can break
    the mold

    You're still not listening...

    It's in my eyes, my nose, my lips my skin

    My chest, my lungs, my abdomen

    My blood, my bones, my muscles too

    My liver, my nerves...what do I do?

    My arms, my legs, my hands, my feet

    It's in my prayers and in my sleep

    In my heart I am the walking dead

    No! it's NOT only in my head

    But you're not listening..

    I went to you in desperation - a well documented fact

    You implied that I was lying - one day you will look back

    On my tombstone, it will read - Here Lies The Hypochondriac

    No, No, No...Thanks to Drs. with an open mind - the
    dedicated few

    And to all who take a stand to show us what is true

    I have chosen to stay and fight

    And prove that the textbook of Immunology is right

    Crying out to those in power - this story must be told

    Don't waste another hour - It's time to break the mold

    Note: This narrative lyric with haunting music was written
    in honor of

    Dr. Vojdani and others like him who share the truth and are

    to help countless victims who suffer from mold related
    illness. It's from the very

    depths of what so many live each day. This is REALITY!

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