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    Post: Instant action form to send issues to Congress in real time!

    Posted by s on 3/26/07

    please send your issue with molds to Congress!!! (This site
    sends these issues directly to senators within your state
    via email and also advises who the email was sent to)

    lst page Fill out - "GET AN ACTION CENTER FOR YOUR OWN

    In the - "State Your Issue As A Position Statement (tell
    congress what you want them to do)" you are allowed a
    maximum of 68 characters... (this is only for the TOPIC)

    2nd page You will see at the top left hand corner you will
    see YOUR "Issue ID" and YOUR "Issue Action Center Password"
    In the box to the left of "your information" click the
    button to go to the next page (TO STATE YOUR CASE) (If you
    click only within the box you will see "Links to the most
    urgent issues at the moment")

    3rd page ("YOUR TOPIC"appears UNDER): BLOG VOICES

    In: "You can add your own personal comments on the
    subject:" (state your case)

    In: " Submit the email addresses of friends to invite to
    write as well:" (type email addresses of ALL your friends
    or others that have an issue and want their concerns
    emailed directly to congress. The way to have maximum
    impact is by sending speak out invitations to as many of
    your fellow constituents as possible and encourage them to
    make their voices heard also.

    Then send your message.

    (You will then see a page showing you the 3 members of
    congress within your district that have received your

    Other members of congress also receive this from what I

    This instant action form will send a message to all your
    members of Congress in real time with the subject

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