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    Posted by cb thomas on 6/04/07

    On 4/24/07, standswfist wrote:
    > I read a little bit here and there. I was involved in a
    > situation that began in 2000. My family and I began to
    > notice a significant change in our health. I had
    > suspected that mold could be the was
    > but it was nothing but a fight, to proove it.
    > I had phoned my Insurance Co., to perform an inspection.
    > They did. i had strange fibers throughout my home, as
    > well. They returned the results of their inspection,
    > claiming that my house was fine and "mold is naturally
    > everywhere". They would never send my a copy of their
    > inspection. Out health condition continued to fail and to
    > the worst degree. I almost lost my oldest son. Both
    > children had gone into high fever danger zones and held
    > 105 degree fevers for approx. 1 week. The doctors pushed
    > antibiotics again and again. I watched them suffer each
    > time so I would never give it to them. The antibiotics
    > are not going to help anybody who deals with toxic mold as
    > it ony weakens the immune system.
    > 11 months later, I became my own investigator and began to
    > research toxic mold over the internet. My first link
    > showed me this: Leviticus 14:33 Moments later, i guess
    > you could call it a vision, I don't know but the form of
    > my HVAC system appeared in my mind. I had my husband
    > remove the top of the unit. I nearly fainted. We walked
    > away from that house on 12-09-02.
    > My Attorney was the one who finally got those inspection
    > reports from our Insurance Co. They read this: "ELEVATED
    > not? All over what? $$$$$$$$$$$$
    > Now I give a damn whether this would have been covered in
    > our policy, or not. I had a baby in that house and his
    > bones were not even growing properly, his ears ruptured 4
    > times and to have a bowel movement was his worst
    > nightmare, along with all the breathing machines he had to
    > be on. My kids still suffer the effects from that house
    > and diabetes could now play a part in my oldest son's
    > health. It is all about what we eat, now and hard to
    > navigate around all of the additives, hormones and
    > pesticides that are used in our foods. Again..$$$$$$.
    > They don't look into a cure when they are inducing
    > illness. Many cures have been found for such things like
    > cancer and diabetes but the ones who discover these cures,
    > have been paid off to keep their mouths shut. The
    > pharmacy Industry would loose too much $. You won't find
    > too many physicians that support Alternative Medicine. I,
    > personally live by it because it saved my family's lives.
    > What does this have to do with "Morgellon's Disease?".
    > Everything.
    > Approximately 6 months prior to the purchase of that toxic
    > home, I had kind of fell into a plan, I suppose. My
    > husband was not coming home at night, claiming to be
    > taking his evenings up at this so called revival that was
    > going on and introduced by a fellow employee. i was
    > getting irritated because I wasn't sure I believed him and
    > sometimes he wouldn't walk through the door until 3am.
    > So, I went there. I ended up giving my life to God on
    > that day, and became saved, i guess. Shortly after this
    > had happened, a few words from the Lord were spoken to
    > me. I was told that I was like Miriam and would have
    > visions and dreams. I knew nothing of this character but
    > it was not long until I walked in similar shoes, plagued
    > by the most horrible skin disease ever imagined. My skin
    > crawled, I had at least 150 lesions from head to toe,
    > strange colored fibers would ooze from my wounds and I
    > felt like I was being attacked by bugs and parasites. I
    > had them in my eyes, nose, mouth...they were in my blood.
    > I wanted to die as my former self, once a postergirl model
    > was nothing but a memory, I may have took for granted.
    > Ok, I did take it for granted.
    > This has been my life for the past 7 years. I have
    > invested hours upon hours reading, researching and
    > learning. Much of this time has been on forum chat
    > boards. What amazes me more than any of it is the fact
    > that anything I post that regards mold, God or relief,
    > get's erased by moderators. And believe me when i say, "I
    > am not here to push God or anything on anybody". I don't
    > like for people to push things on me, so respectfully, I
    > treat others the same.
    > But to be heard is all I ask. I went through this for a
    > reason, I now see. The things that I have learned is why
    > I believe I went through this. I never would have found
    > out, otherwise. It is this...we are at war, right here in
    > the U.S. and ever since 911, it secretly filters in all
    > around us. Our rights are deteriorating and we are slowly
    > becoming "dis-communicated" and "re-programmed". My last
    > 7 years have been to learn this, be aware of it and
    > navigate properly. We will soon be in full swing of this
    > war.
    > Anybody who needs help with a toxic mold situation, I can
    > lend some worthy pointers in the proper direction so the
    > financial end won't hurt as much as it did mine, to learn
    > this, as well as the physician who will test you and treat
    > you for toxic mold exposure...he also will assist those
    > who are a good distance from him.
    > As for Attorneys...that is another story. They are
    > required to sign into support with the Government to
    > protect whatever it may be...some type of bill that was
    > passed. I don't feel that any Attorney is a trustworthy
    > Attorney (not to critize them all this way) but
    > is their jobs to win and when $ plays the largest part of
    > this, decete, unfortunately does too.
    > With our case...we could have won, yes, if looking at it
    > from a financial point of view. We won our health back
    > and our family is still together. To me, this was the
    > biggest reward of all and no $ amount could ever beat this.
    > We put an end to the circus and settled out of court last
    > year.
    > Standswfist

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