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    Posted by Erin on 8/06/08

    Jeez what a story, I too have something very similar but
    included in the wet moldy basement that the landlord wouldnt
    take care of there were also rodents loud rodents in the walls
    for at least a full year before I found out they were rats, I
    complained every single week to her (over a year period) about
    the animals in the walls. Then once I heard some talk around
    the neighborhood they had rats, I just knew.....all of a
    sudden a whole entire loaf of bread was being eaten every
    night, I would rebuy it each day and put it somewhere else in
    the kitchen and it would still be eaten. I searched for
    holes...couldnt find nothing. Then all kinds of things were
    being eaten, styrafoam cup of noodles eaten 1/2 way through 6
    of them in 1 night, 2 whole bags of those little bagles
    (20/bag) 1/2 eaten in 1 night as well...I believe it was the
    same night actually. It just kept happening and I kept

    Finally I went to her and said "look, something has to be done
    here, I kno

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