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    Re: KTNV CH 13 Los Vegas Health Dept Deaths Black Mold in Office

    Posted by Reporter Darcy Spears ABC News Special on 8/09/08

    Contact 13 Follow Up: Mold Kills Health District Employee
    Posted: July 18, 2008 05:55 PM CDT
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    Contact 13 Follow Up: Mold Kills Health District Employee
    Dan Pauluk
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    Contact 13 Investigation: Mold Inside The Health District
    Contact 13 Also on the Web CDC: Mold Web Site
    KTNV Channel 13 ABC Special Report

    Los Vegas Health Dept Employee Deaths due to Black Mold IN OFFICE
    with Video go to station link to view amazing Video

    Could the very agency responsible for protecting and promoting
    public health be responsible for a man's death?
    A family and their federal lawsuit says yes.
    In an exclusive Contact 13 investigation Darcy Spears shows how
    the Health District's main building may have harbored a killer.
    When Dan Pauluk died, he had been literally eaten alive.
    "There are no words to describe how horrifying and tormenting his
    death was," explained Dan's wife Dr. Wendy Pauluk.

    Mold spores in his body caused exhaustion, confusion, trouble
    breathing and painful rashes as the toxins literally oozed out of
    his body through his skin.
    "It burns so bad and it is hard to think, it is hard to walk on
    this leg, it is hard to be anything but consumed with this," said
    Dan, at the time when he wife recorded his progress on camera.
    His family and his doctors say he was exposed to the mold,

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