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    Re: Toxic Mold? Limitations uncovered...

    Posted by ff on 5/15/07


    Wasn't AEROTECH the first to get on EPA's list. It scares the
    heck out of me to have witnessed their, in my opinion , of
    course, inadequate effort which also ignored existing data,
    was based on false assumptions, coincided with the demands of
    liable parties, etc...


    On 5/15/07, johncodie wrote:
    > Any reason that a US trained country would lead the US
    > Automakers in sales only after 60 years of complete
    > destruction. Best IAQ/microbial firms in the world? Who are
    > the standards barer? Sounds like a lot of fluff.
    > jc
    > On 5/15/07, ff wrote:
    >> Sharon, johncodie, YYstachy, et al.
    >> What scares me about about Toxic Mold problems, opinions,
    >> IAQ investigations, plaintiffs, defendants, sampling,
    >> current/past research efforts, etc., - the imposed
    >> limitations by unwillingness to broaden the thinking, and
    >> a willingness to accept the end product.
    >> This is not based speculation, but years extensive efforts
    >> to solve environmental problems, which include, toxic
    >> mold. To briefly explain, research and investigative
    >> efforts were conducted to identify causes/solutions, years
    >> before bringing in what is represented to be one of the
    >> best IAQ/microbial firms in the world.
    >> Absent the years of research prior to the IAQ/Mold firm's
    >> involvement, the shortcomings/inadequacies of their
    >> investigations and toxic mold efforts in general, would
    >> never have surfaced.
    >> This is typical of current efforts and the issue in
    >> general. Those facing liability, or potential liability,
    >> are no doubt pleased with their damage control efforts
    >> (which equate to losses by the victims).
    >> ff

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