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    Re: Toxic Mold? Limitations uncovered...

    Posted by johncodie on 5/15/07

    On 5/15/07, ff wrote:
    > joohncodie:
    > Wasn't AEROTECH the first to get on EPA's list. It scares the
    > heck out of me to have witnessed their, in my opinion , of
    > course, inadequate effort which also ignored existing data,
    > was based on false assumptions, coincided with the demands of
    > liable parties, etc...
    > ff

    US Departments Funded by Congress are precluded from giving
    endorsements of qualifications, or free advertisements. There is
    no implied or expressed warranties of a companies work or
    certification. The use of the word "conform" is a legal word that
    gives relief as to "meeting set standards". I can conform to a
    companies practice and standards but there is a lack of
    measurement that cerfifies that performance has been met. I
    believe a former "EPA" official created "AEROTECH LABS" and saw
    how the mold hype could make alot of monies over the
    controversey. The longer the skeptisism, the more monies.

    Just one escape clause seperates and segregates the liability,
    and custody. Sure AEROTECH LABS can do EPA work but its not EPA
    data. Throw in the word methodologies with conform and that
    widens the gap for interpretations.

    One could say that their business conforms to the methodologies
    of the insurance claims gaints and go to prison for their action
    for not being in the protected group; the methodologies used by
    the insurance industry.

    Also there is one thing to have standards much less meeting those
    requirements, there is much to be said of an inspection group
    that has shaky standards to labs that do the testing have as
    shakey or questionable standards.



    Where the services to be provided by Aerotech require the use of
    analytical methodologies, Aerotech will use those analytical
    methodologies which CONFORM with methodologies set by the U.S.
    Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Arizona Department of
    Health Services (ADHS), American Society for Testing and
    Materials (ASTM), Association of Official Analytical Chemists
    (AOAC), Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and
    Wastewater, or other such appropriate methodologies. Aerotech may
    deviate from these methodologies where, in Aerotech's judgment,
    it is necessary or appropriate to do so. The nature or
    compositions of a sample are examples of factors that may require
    Aerotech to deviate from these methodologies. Any deviations from
    the analytical methodologies set forth above will be made in
    accordance with recognized industry standards, Quality Assurance
    Plans and/or referenced Standard Operating Procedures.

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