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    Re: Toxic Mold? Limitations uncovered...

    Posted by johncodie on 5/15/07

    People perceptions is that they are owed quality due to the sheer
    fact of the sticker price. Nothing could be further from the
    truth. "Cavet Emptor" If my fluffy popcorn sitting in the bag
    moisture index is 12 to 14 % then nothing else within my home should
    exceed that value. The interior walls a little more, or a little
    less. All the people that post here think there is an inherent right
    to habativilty, but think it is crazy to be running around with a
    moisture meter checking for excessive levels. If you lived on a ship
    you would be checking the seals for leaks! More and more of this
    mutated mold,,,,,,,,,,sure it continus to grows. Why not just bite
    the bullet and buy a good meter and ckeck the house, and hey it could
    turn people into green thumbs with houseplants being at optiumum wet
    conditions. And oh the benefits of the fresh air! Ah........ Life
    is sweet.

    Every once in a while they let the locomative engineer stick his head
    out the window and get some fresh air.


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