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    Re: Sporicidin and Bleach

    Posted by DBW on 12/16/08

    Hey-- this happened to me -- in my converted garage, which I was
    going to use as an office. It's been months, and the bleach-like
    odor still sticks to your clothes when you're in there for more than
    a half hour or so.

    I put in screen doors, and once the weather gets a bit better I'm
    going to circulate air in and out of the garage as best I can. I
    imagine my books will always carry a bit of this smell... but I
    guess my question is: Will it ever go away? Is it safe to work in
    there? How should I go about dealing with it? Do I have to write off
    the whole garage?

    Any replies, public or private, would be greatly appreciated!


    On 7/31/08, expert Friend wrote:
    > On 7/30/08, Shannon wrote:
    >> Similar thing happened to us! All our belongings have taken in
    >> this toxic odor and we've had to evacuate our house. Where are
    > Please post a private e mail where you can be contacted and give
    > ne inform to your questions It will then be more confidential to
    > discuss you specific situation then on a public forum
    > Friedn /expert

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