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    Re: Sporicidin and Bleach

    Posted by johncodie on 12/17/08

    Run the Dude through spell check also. You don't want your contract to
    treat your properly. Also make sure they know your address and the
    properly lines. You don't want your neighbors to think you acted
    property. Oh, it was just a simple mistake! Been there and seen that

    On 12/16/08, Rem Dude wrote:
    > Sporicidin and/or bleach is a poor method of remediation that some
    > less than informed remediators use. The use of biocides has little
    > effect on spores so all that is accomplished is a chemical dosing
    > the structure with a pesticide. The bulk of the contamination is
    > left behind.
    > The properly owner is ultimately responsible for the remediation
    > technique used and chemistry applied. Therefore, it is important to
    > review all MSDS and EPA registrations on the chemistry to be used.
    > There are several chemical manufacturers and remediators who refuse
    > to provide either.
    > Vet your remediator:
    > 1. Should have a minimum of 4 years of experience
    > 2. Your state may require additional licensing & certification
    > 3. Should provide certificates of training by IAQA or IICRC
    > 4. Should have insurance including environmental pollution
    > 5. Provide MSDS and EPA registration on ALL chemicals used
    > 6. Should follow a common remediation standard
    > 7. Should provide a 2-4 year workmanship warranty
    > 8. Should advise you to have 3rd party clearance performed
    > 9. Should provide you with list of references
    > 10. Should specialize only in mold remediation
    > RD
    > On 12/16/08, DBW wrote:
    >> Hey-- this happened to me -- in my converted garage, which I was
    >> going to use as an office. It's been months, and the bleach-like
    >> odor still sticks to your clothes when you're in there for more
    > than
    >> a half hour or so.
    >> I put in screen doors, and once the weather gets a bit better I'm
    >> going to circulate air in and out of the garage as best I can. I
    >> imagine my books will always carry a bit of this smell... but I
    >> guess my question is: Will it ever go away? Is it safe to work in
    >> there? How should I go about dealing with it? Do I have to write
    > off
    >> the whole garage?
    >> Any replies, public or private, would be greatly appreciated!
    >> Best,
    >> DBW
    >> On 7/31/08, expert Friend wrote:
    >>> On 7/30/08, Shannon wrote:
    >>>> Similar thing happened to us! All our belongings have taken in
    >>>> this toxic odor and we've had to evacuate our house. Where are
    >>> Please post a private e mail where you can be contacted and give
    >>> ne inform to your questions It will then be more confidential to
    >>> discuss you specific situation then on a public forum
    >>> Friedn /expert

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