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    Post: NY-Toxic Materials found inside my apartment

    Posted by marie on 10/09/07


    Upon replacing the carpet of my apartment (it was already
    there when I moved in)Coal Tar sheets were found underneath
    the old carpet along with Silica sand. Needless to say, and
    to make a long story short, the carpet installer became
    almost irate. He explained to me the dangers of breathing
    such things. We had been living there only two months when
    my then six year old daughter started to become very ill,
    with respiratory attacks/problems. Even after several
    tests, three different hospitals and not to mention three
    different pediatritions, no one has been able to diagnose
    her. Lung ex-rays showed some sort of scar tissue or
    pneumonia--but NOT the real symptoms of pneumonia--no
    fever, no infection anywhere etc.
    Now I have been diagnosed with some sort of immunotixicity.
    The doctors just dont know what else to call it. My ANA
    (Antinuclear Antibody) blood tests came in at 640--which
    according to my doctors, its off the charts.
    I should mention we have been living thre three years and
    two months already. I discovered the toxic materials just
    four months ago.
    NOTE: I have all materials found inside my apartment saved,
    and I also have dozens of photographs. My daughter's
    illness and my diagnosis can all be verified with medical
    records. An interesting note--my apartment is illegal.I
    have also done a thorough research with EPA and OSHA.
    Everyone I have spoken to is incredulous about this
    horrible situation. What do you think? The obvious
    situation is to move out--and I am trying.
    If anyone here has any info,legal advise etc etc, kindly
    advise on anything you may know regarding this toxic tort
    ANY info/advise will be very much appreciated.
    BTW--I live in NY
    Thank you for your time and best regards,

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