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    Re: NY-Toxic Materials found inside my apartment

    Posted by johncodie on 11/02/07

    Thank you for replying. My Urine Ferric Chloride
    test result was positive. I do not know the
    actual number. I did not know/realize the
    importance of the result. The doctor did not know
    what to make of it either--I

    A rapid presumptive test is to mix 1 mL of urine with 0.1 mL of
    20% ferric chloride; purple color is indicative of phenol, but
    results should be confirmed by a laboratory. Phenol is the most
    important toxicant in coal-tar products. Cresols, which are
    mixtures of methylphenols, are used as disinfectants and are
    readily absorbed through the skin.

    I am suprized of your diagnosis for the common material used
    for flooring for generations. You would have not been given a
    number as the color would have been a indication of the phenol
    being present in your body.

    How can a doctor be so sure of health problems when he can not
    interpret a simple test available in the The Merck Veterinary
    Manual. A positive test would have indicated the product being
    ingested. The rashes and demetitus rashes were not mentioned.

    Sorry for the difficulty, but the only cure I can think of is
    some good ole mind and body cleanzing. Tommarow is a good day
    to start with.


    On 10/24/07, Johncodie wrote:
    > What was your urine ferric chloride test results?
    > jc
    > On 10/09/07, marie wrote:
    >> Hello,
    >> Upon replacing the carpet of my apartment (it was already
    >> there when I moved in)Coal Tar sheets were found underneath
    >> the old carpet along with Silica sand. Needless to say, and
    >> to make a long story short, the carpet installer became
    >> almost irate. He explained to me the dangers of breathing
    >> such things. We had been living there only two months when
    >> my then six year old daughter started to become very ill,
    >> with respiratory attacks/problems. Even after several
    >> tests, three different hospitals and not to mention three
    >> different pediatritions, no one has been able to diagnose
    >> her. Lung ex-rays showed some sort of scar tissue or
    >> pneumonia--but NOT the real symptoms of pneumonia--no
    >> fever, no infection anywhere etc.
    >> Now I have been diagnosed with some sort of immunotixicity.
    >> The doctors just dont know what else to call it. My ANA
    >> (Antinuclear Antibody) blood tests came in at 640--which
    >> according to my doctors, its off the charts.
    >> I should mention we have been living thre three years and
    >> two months already. I discovered the toxic materials just
    >> four months ago.
    >> NOTE: I have all materials found inside my apartment saved,
    >> and I also have dozens of photographs. My daughter's
    >> illness and my diagnosis can all be verified with medical
    >> records. An interesting note--my apartment is illegal.I
    >> have also done a thorough research with EPA and OSHA.
    >> Everyone I have spoken to is incredulous about this
    >> horrible situation. What do you think? The obvious
    >> situation is to move out--and I am trying.
    >> If anyone here has any info,legal advise etc etc, kindly
    >> advise on anything you may know regarding this toxic tort
    >> situation/case.
    >> ANY info/advise will be very much appreciated.
    >> BTW--I live in NY
    >> Thank you for your time and best regards,
    >> Marie

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