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    Re: Another Mold Settlement

    Posted by Mike B. on 11/21/07

    Yeah.....right. "Strategy" my a**. You're comments where stream of
    consciousness straight from your redneck brain. Your true colors were
    shown. Yes, I did notice nobody came to support you.

    What other "issues" do you have? Your constant remarks about "Daddy's
    computer" and "playgrounds" concern me.

    On 11/20/07, ff wrote:
    > Mike B.:
    > Not the case, Mike B. Anything but. It was a strategy to draw you out,
    > and it worked. Two conflicting scenarios presented, and you jumped too
    > quick. From years of posts on this board, and my life in general,
    > nothing could be seen as further from the truth. That's why regular,
    > legitimate posters did not say anything...they knew something was up
    > when I posted, but you didn't.
    > Now, you are exposing yourself, based on this strategy, yet refusing to
    > admit you've been had. Call me whatever you want. You've been had.
    > You fell for it. Admit it. First you jumped to one conclusion, posted,
    > then went back and read it over, saw the inconsistency where you fell
    > for only one scenario, and you've been backing up ever since.
    > Just like Sharon said, and as proven here now, you continually react and
    > respond, negatively, without first, reading. You need help. You can't
    > handle it alone. You're a stalker, your'e creepy, you creep out DD,
    > others, I'll bet? Digging into irrelevant personal issues, get off your
    > daddy's computer and grow up, seek help.
    > ff

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