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    Re: Another Mold Settlement

    Posted by Mike B. on 11/21/07

    Geez1 Now you're a frickin' mind reader.

    See my immediately previous post regarding "your response below"

    On 11/21/07, ff wrote:
    > Mike B.:
    > First, you reacted with "what's the matter, ff, jealous?".
    > Next, as below, "Actually, on second take".
    > Second take - you bet! You looked at it again, read it, and
    > realized you mouthed off without knowing what you were even
    > responding to. So what did you do? You tried to BS your way
    > through it by referring to "your response below", which is not
    > my reponse at all
    > THE WORD "OR", Then, you began to try and capitalize off of your
    > deception.
    > ff
    > On 11/20/07, Mike B. wrote:
    >> Actually, on second take, you're response below seems strongly
    >> racist to me.
    >> On 11/20/07, ff wrote:
    >>> Mike B.:
    >>> The rest of the story could be...?
    >>> ...the litigants, now overweight, intoxicated, and homeless,
    >>> are suing to regain possession of the truck, clothes, and
    >>> jewelry purchased with proceeds from the settlement. A
    >>> major convenience store chain is also being sued for
    >>> accepting purchases from them, with cash also obtained in
    >>> the settlement, as well as a local business, "Custom Body
    >>> and Paint". The auto customizing facilitiy allegedly
    >>> mispelled the first name of one of the litigants, when it
    >>> was painted onto the now repo'd vehicle. The previous
    >>> landlord declined comment, stating that the litigants were
    >>> threatening discrimination suits if he did not allow them to
    >>> move back into the apartment, employ then to make necessary
    >>> repairs, and compensate with cash only.
    >>> ff

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