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    Re: Another Mold Settlement

    Posted by Mike B. on 11/21/07

    Last chance. These questions are, again, focused on my original
    posting that started this specific thread, AND your entire
    original response thereto:

    1. What do either of the scenarios you wrote in your original
    response have to do with the information in my original post?

    2. Why did you choose those 2 scenarios.

    You said "The rest of the story could be...?

    Nothing was "screwed up" on my part. I couldn't give a rat's a**
    about the "industry side." There was NO industry side even
    mentioned in the article I posted.

    You ain't done, and I know that. NBD.

    On 11/21/07, Mike B. wrote:
    > Mike B.:
    > Now, take a look below at how my post really read: Do you see
    > the word "OR", separating the two scenarios???? It's obvious
    > why you left it out. First, that was the only way you could
    > get out of your first reaction when you realized you screwed
    > up. Secondly, you didn't like the way the second scenario on
    > the industry side read, you got rid of it and the word "Or"
    > and lastly, you obviously liked the sound of the first
    > scenario, and you left it in.
    > Mike, like I said, I don;t ever expect you to admit your
    > wrong, and I don't care if you do or not. You're caught, and
    > I'm done here. Like I said, "light work".
    > Altering the post, and them submitting the alteration while
    > agrguing and calling me names, etc. I love it.
    > ff
    > On 11/20/07, ff wrote:
    >> Mike B.:
    >> The rest of the story could be...?
    >> ...the litigants, now overweight, intoxicated, and homeless,
    >> are suing to regain possession of the truck, clothes, and
    >> jewelry purchased with proceeds from the settlement. A
    >> major convenience store chain is also being sued for
    >> accepting purchases from them, with cash also obtained in
    >> the settlement, as well as a local business, "Custom Body
    >> and Paint". The auto customizing facilitiy allegedly
    >> mispelled the first name of one of the litigants, when it
    >> was painted onto the now repo'd vehicle. The previous
    >> landlord declined comment, stating that the litigants were
    >> threatening discrimination suits if he did not allow them to
    >> move back into the apartment, employ then to make necessary
    >> repairs, and compensate with cash only.
    >> Or -
    >> ...the litigants' state of health has continued to decline,
    >> while at the same time, the previous landlord has leased the
    >> contaminated property to more families, claiming that the
    >> CDC, US Chamber of Commerce, ACOEM, and other credible
    >> entities stand behind him in his accepted view that mold is
    >> harmless.
    >> ff
    >> On 11/19/07, Mike B. wrote:
    >>> What are ya'll doing wrong with your litigation?
    >>> Apartment Mold
    >>> Oakland, CA: (Nov-18-07) Twelve immigrant families who
    >>> lived in a dilapidated, unheated, mold and cockroach
    >>> infested apartment, brought charges against their
    >> landlord,
    >>> Roosevelt Owyang, accusing him of not providing a
    >> habitable
    >>> dwelling at the complex. The suit also alleged breach of
    >>> contract. The former tenants stated that rain water leaked
    >>> into their apartments from windows and ceilings so the
    >>> apartments were constantly damp and mold was thick.
    >>> Cockroaches were everywhere, and stairway railings and
    >>> floorboards were often broken. Several plaintiffs claimed
    >>> that they developed asthma along with the 39 former and
    >>> current residents who are party to the suit. Several
    >> others
    >>> claimed that they suffered from chronic sinusitis and
    >> upper-
    >>> respiratory problems as a result of staying at the
    >>> apartment. The complaint was filed in state Superior Court
    >>> in Alameda County. As part of a settlement reached, the
    >>> twelve immigrant families received a $1.3 million payout,
    >>> resolving the lawsuit. [INSIDE BAY AREA: APARTMENT MOLD]

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