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    Re: Another Mold Settlement

    Posted by ff on 11/22/07

    Alameda County, I always take note of this. It was one of
    the areas in the US where problems with systemic fungicides
    surfaced early on, to a degree that could not be ignored.
    Application there is prohibited on the label, and has been
    for decades.

    It is my position that documentation pointing out that
    fungal resistance was merely an academic concept prior to
    the introduction of systemic anti-fungal compounds in the
    70's, sheds light on the question so many ask today - "what

    The emerging patterns of resistance, and a shift to
    dominance by toxin-producing species, coincides with the
    increase in IAQ/Toxic Mold problems today.


    On 11/19/07, Mike B. wrote:
    > What are ya'll doing wrong with your litigation?
    > Apartment Mold
    > Oakland, CA: (Nov-18-07) Twelve immigrant families who
    > lived in a dilapidated, unheated, mold and cockroach
    > infested apartment, brought charges against their
    > Roosevelt Owyang, accusing him of not providing a
    > dwelling at the complex. The suit also alleged breach of
    > contract. The former tenants stated that rain water leaked
    > into their apartments from windows and ceilings so the
    > apartments were constantly damp and mold was thick.
    > Cockroaches were everywhere, and stairway railings and
    > floorboards were often broken. Several plaintiffs claimed
    > that they developed asthma along with the 39 former and
    > current residents who are party to the suit. Several
    > claimed that they suffered from chronic sinusitis and
    > respiratory problems as a result of staying at the
    > apartment. The complaint was filed in state Superior Court
    > in Alameda County. As part of a settlement reached, the
    > twelve immigrant families received a $1.3 million payout,
    > resolving the lawsuit. [INSIDE BAY AREA: APARTMENT MOLD]

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