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    Re: Another Mold Settlement

    Posted by ff on 11/27/07

    Mike B.:

    Ok, you're so frustrated, mad and confused that you jump to "DA". Like I
    said, I started in on the question regarding cedar trees and allergies.
    Your confusion is easy to see, caused by a dose of your own medicine. It
    sure didn't take much.

    I always give the benefit of doubt, but after this series of exchanges -
    keeping in mind that your absurdity with me is typical of what you routinely
    display with others - it is obvious that you're not just antagonistic, your
    not just acting out... All I had to do was plug in a few prompts, just like
    you do, and you went ballistic. You can't take your own medicine.

    THE REAL QUESTION IS: Can you conduct board relevant discussion, without
    your temper tantrums?

    THE CHALLENGE: Pick a relevant subject, or I'll suggest one. How about the
    cedars, ubiquity and potential liability - I thought that was a good
    question that warranted comment/discussion.

    CIVILITY: Now, this does not mean that you can take fragments, fail to read,
    misinterpret, re-arrange the fragments to fit into your own little world,
    and get completely lost followed by outbursts, tantrums, and child-like name-
    calling... And no, I will not set you up or intentionally set you off, that
    test for you is over. You flunked.

    I look forward to your civil response.


    On 11/26/07, Mike B. wrote:
    > No, DA. This started with the subject EVERYONE sees above, including you --
    > "Another Mold Settlement." Seriously, what's wrong with you?

    > On 11/26/07, ff wrote:
    >> It's exactly as I thought, you can't take your own medicine. You need
    >> to go back and read your posts, and see how you have spun around, but
    >> tell me, as I have asked before, can you get onto a board relevant
    >> discussion without jumping to wild speculation and without blurting out
    >> with insulting BS?
    >> This started with a question about cedars, of which I found interesting,
    >> and asked for more info...and here you are now, asking questions,
    >> expecting something in others that you're incapable of.
    >> ALameda County? Spontaneous generation? Is that how you think mold
    >> occured in the apartments? What's changed? Why the increase in toxic
    >> mold/IAQ problems? Just what do you think is causing it?
    >> ff
    >> On 11/26/07, Mike B. wrote:
    >>> This is a simple "yes" or "no" question: Is there anything you've
    >>> posted on this chatboard that provides your real name and background?
    >>> On 11/26/07, ff wrote:
    >>>> On 11/26/07, Mike B. wrote:
    >>>>> Not a single word was said, nor has any evidence been offered,
    >>>> that
    >>>>> the mold growing in these apartments was the result of some
    >>>>> pesticide lable prohibitions. As a matter of fact, there is no
    >>>>> discussion whatsoever about the use of pesticides (which, by
    >>>>> definition, includes fungicides) to control or abate the growth of
    >>>>> the mold in these apartments.
    >>>> So what?
    >>>>> Now, what do you mean by your comment "you may want to seek
    >>>>> professional advice on preservation of capital and investment?"
    >>>> So you wouldn't waste your $1.3 million?
    >>>> ff

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