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    Re: Another Mold Settlement

    Posted by Mike B. on 11/27/07

    You continue to prove you're delusional and insecure.

    You're jealous of the valuable and useful information I post, even though you
    don't like the tone I might have to take in order to get my point through your
    dense and muddled skull. Each and every time I prove you wrong (which is all
    the time), you resort to your childish ways.

    You seem to me to be a loner. Your opinion of yourself is not shared by others.
    You strive to be noticed and authoritative, but your social awkwardness and
    adolescent, know-it-all mannerism only demonstrates your propensity to be a
    shallow alarmist. When people ignore or reject your rants, you get all out of
    sort. When confronted with opposing views, you make inappropriate remarks.
    That's why you're alone.

    How could anyone take you seriously? You ignore and lie about the obvious
    (i.e. - your posting using my name). That's a clear indication that you would
    and do skew information in order to fit your personal agenda.

    But, enough about you.

    The issue with the cedars is best taken up with the person who posted the
    original question to someone other than you. Remember when you butted in with
    your long list of diatribe attempting to become part of the discussion?

    On 11/27/07, ff wrote:
    > Mike B.:
    > Ok, you're so frustrated, mad and confused that you jump to "DA". Like I
    > said, I started in on the question regarding cedar trees and allergies.
    > Your confusion is easy to see, caused by a dose of your own medicine. It
    > sure didn't take much.
    > I always give the benefit of doubt, but after this series of exchanges -
    > keeping in mind that your absurdity with me is typical of what you routinely
    > display with others - it is obvious that you're not just antagonistic, your
    > not just acting out... All I had to do was plug in a few prompts, just like
    > you do, and you went ballistic. You can't take your own medicine.
    > THE REAL QUESTION IS: Can you conduct board relevant discussion, without
    > your temper tantrums?
    > THE CHALLENGE: Pick a relevant subject, or I'll suggest one. How about the
    > cedars, ubiquity and potential liability - I thought that was a good
    > question that warranted comment/discussion.
    > CIVILITY: Now, this does not mean that you can take fragments, fail to read,
    > misinterpret, re-arrange the fragments to fit into your own little world,
    > and get completely lost followed by outbursts, tantrums, and child-like name-
    > calling... And no, I will not set you up or intentionally set you off, that
    > test for you is over. You flunked.
    > I look forward to your civil response.
    > ff

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