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    Post: Mold Litigation News

    Posted by Mike B. on 11/20/07

    The judge must have had a conflict of interest!

    Denver International Airport Class Action Dismissed
    Denver, CO: (Jun-26-07) A class action lawsuit was filed
    against the city and Denver International Airport (DIA)
    alleging that travelers and employees at the airport were
    exposed to extensive mold and fungi contamination. The
    action was filed by two United Airlines employees, Terri
    Crandall and Joann Hubbard, who claimed they experienced
    pneumonia, headaches, nausea, shortness of breath and
    bronchitis beginning in 1995. The suit further stated that
    by 1999, Crandall and Hubbard each believed their illnesses
    were being caused by environmental contamination at the new
    airport. Crandall and Hubbard, who were employed at DIA as
    customer service representatives, claimed that during the
    periods when they were being treated for their ailments and
    were away from Concourse B their symptoms disappeared. But
    problems returned when they went back to work on Concourse

    The court stated that Denver officials had not found a
    major mold issue at the airport and ordered a dismissal of
    the class action suit. The Colorado Supreme Court said that
    the women who brought the lawsuit failed to file their
    notice of a claim with Denver within the 180-day time
    period required by law and the women didn't identify any
    injuries suffered during the 180-day period. [DENVER POST:

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