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    Re: May Your Children Rot in Hell - Sharon Kramer

    Posted by ff on 12/15/07

    The "words" were in my opinion really stretched beyond the
    intent of the author, or worse, and the suit is a stretch as
    well. Even more stretching, is that Mike B., or BB, now use
    those "words" in their argument to suggest they actually had
    some effect, in kids, the beneficiary of Sharon's self-


    On 12/15/07, Deborah wrote:
    > I believe the term for a statement like that is "excited
    > utterance", only in this case it is in writing. While it
    > may be an uncomfortable choice of words, there is something
    > to be gleaned in it, that is that the people responsible for
    > perpetrating this fraud condemned untold numbers of adults
    > and children to continue to suffer and die needlessly. Which
    > is the greater transgression?
    > Sharon's true character is apparent to anyone paying a
    > modicum of attention, as is any blatant attempt at
    > discrediting her by seizing and continually harping on a
    > single phrase heatedly churned out for the purpose of
    > underlying the gravity of what these people were cavalierly
    > doing in this matter.
    > Ain't happening.
    > On 12/11/07, Mike B. wrote:
    >> "May your children rot in hell, along with all
    >> the other innocent children you are hurting.
    >> Why would the other innocent children be rotting in hell?

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