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    Post: AIHA Webinar

    Posted by Mike B. on 1/02/08

    AIHA to Host Nanotechnology Webinar
    December 11, 2007
    The American Industrial Hygiene Association will host an
    intermediate TeleWeb Virtual Seminar,
    titled "Nanotechnology Update for IHs: Toxicology and
    Exposure Assessment Issues," on Jan. 31, 2008, from 24:30
    p.m. EST.

    Featured speakers include Mark D. Hoover, Ph.D., CHP, CIH,
    senior scientist, NIOSH; Bruce J. Kelman, Ph.D., DABT,
    president and principal, Veritox Inc.; Vince Castranova,
    Ph.D., branch chief, NIOSH; and Charles L. Geraci, Ph.D.,
    CIH, document development branch chief, NIOSH.

    Presentations will discuss the following topics:

    Nanotoxicology issues for assessing and managing
    occupational exposure risks for nanoparticles in the
    Toxicology of nanoparticles for industrial hygienists
    Nanotoxicology insights from the NIOSH Research Program
    Managing exposure risks for nanomaterials using the current
    state of knowledge
    AIHA said attendees will be taught how to describe how
    nanotoxicology issues fit into an overall risk assessment
    and risk management framework for nanotechnology,
    understand the toxicological properties of nanoparticles of
    concern for the health and safety of workers and consumers,
    and understand and apply approaches for evaluating and
    managing risks for handling nanomaterials in the presence
    of uncertainty.

    Participants need Internet access and a telephone, or just
    a phone, to be part of these live educational events. To
    register for the event, please call toll free at 1-800-651-
    7916, or register online at

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