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    Re: Bruce Kelman versus Sharon Kramer - Update

    Posted by Mike B. on 2/04/08

    Really, Sharon, what's the problem with your discovery
    responses? Are you withholding production of documents that
    have been requested or subpoenaed? What kind of documents are
    being sought by Kelman? Will those documents help him in his
    suit against you?

    On 2/01/08, Mike B. wrote:
    > Sharon:
    > Have you failed to respond to discovery propounded by
    > Kelman? Did the court's Ruling of November 9, 2007 award
    > sanctions to Kelman? If so, how much?
    > I see where the court did grant your motion for
    > reconsideration allowing you to object to the discovery
    > based only on the attorney-client privilege. But, I also
    > see the court denied your request for sanctions on January
    > 25, 2008.
    > What's going on?

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