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    Re: Valentine's Day

    Posted by Mike B on 2/14/08

    What are you talking about? You come to this board everyday!

    I haven't posted a single false statement about anybody on any
    board anywhere.

    Didn't the court award sanctions to Kelman because you failed to
    respond to discovery requests?

    As much as you might wish it weren't so, your "litigation with
    Veritox" is public record.

    On 2/14/08, Sharon wrote:
    > Mike B,
    > You have reached new lows. I do not appreciate being discussed
    > on a chat board that I do not even frequent and would not have
    > known you were posting such garbage were it not specifically
    > brought to my attention.
    > You are wrong with your understanding that I am withholding ANY
    > documents requested of me that I am required to turn over. Nor
    > is Kelman requesting any such documents. WHAT IS YOUR REAL
    > IDENTITY?????????? I have had enough of you making false
    > postings of things you know nothing about in relation to my
    > litigation with VeriTox.
    > Sharon
    > On 2/14/08, Deborah wrote:
    >> Do you really think that any statement made by Sharon
    >> regarding alteration of testimony, which the good doc did,
    >> is as important as the fact that the papers promulgated by
    >> these people caused harm by downplaying and denying mold
    >> induced illness from indoor environments?
    >> An honest question, please keep any answers or comments
    >> directed to the topic.
    >> On 2/13/08, Mike B. wrote:
    >>> Sharon is going to give Bruce Kelman a nice Valentine's
    >>> gift tomorrow - documents she's been withholding from
    >>> production. I'll bet there are some treasures amongst them!

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