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    Re: Valentine's Day

    Posted by johncodie on 2/14/08


    Most of us all know the discovery phase. The plantiffs want
    everything imaginable, so the judge can make his/her ruleing of
    admissability. The defense just wants to delay, delay, and more
    delay. The court expects both attornys to meet expected dates,
    so the files can be reviewed prior to deposition. If there are
    records that they know that are in your possession, withholding
    them, only promulagates the court to compel resolution before a
    trail is necessary. Would expect your computer, and all related
    emails, postings to this board to be requested by the plantiffs.
    Very difficult in your position to be granted any exemptions.
    They just want to know the Sharon from MS to the Sharon making
    statments concerning Mr. Kelman, without any exclusion of facts.
    Like Mike B, indicated you are a public figure and have stated
    that you will continue to be in the public eye (open record).


    On 2/14/08, Sharon wrote:
    > Mike B,
    > You have reached new lows. I do not appreciate being discussed
    > on a chat board that I do not even frequent and would not have
    > known you were posting such garbage were it not specifically
    > brought to my attention.
    > You are wrong with your understanding that I am withholding ANY
    > documents requested of me that I am required to turn over. Nor
    > is Kelman requesting any such documents. WHAT IS YOUR REAL
    > IDENTITY?????????? I have had enough of you making false
    > postings of things you know nothing about in relation to my
    > litigation with VeriTox.
    > Sharon

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