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    Re: Valentine's Day

    Posted by Sharon on 2/20/08


    I am not certain where you get some of your wild ideas, but much of stuff you put out is vastly
    incorrect. I can't even follow why you would think some of this.

    You are 1000% incorrect with your evaluation of the matter. The ONLY five words in question within
    the press release, that PRWeb published for me, are "altered his under oath statements". That's all.
    I am not kidding.

    You can read Kelman's testimony at

    I interviewed 4 people before I wrote. Dr. Kelman altered his description of the relationship of the
    ACOEM paper and the MI paper a few times, once he was forced to discuss them in front of a jury, by
    the Kilian transcript being allowed into the record.

    Have you even read his testimony?????


    On 2/20/08, johncodie wrote:
    > Sharon: The quotation is not limited to five small words, you were requested to write as a guest
    > columist; as you were recognized as an out spoken advocate. You named the individual by name and
    > accussed the individual of a action that is not supported to the court of record, and to be
    > verified to the fact in the court you are accused of the false information. You provided a title,or
    > association name behind your public name, where you proceeded to provide a telephone number. As
    > any journalist, or writter, you failed to get an accurate quote of the man, and acted as your own
    > editor in submitting the accusations. The intent of this publication and its uses on the internet
    > would have been recognized by others as defamation, as make the statement of facts without the
    > words ever, making any admission to fact of the attorny's accusation. A person is innocent until
    > proven guilty. I am glad you will have your in court and continue the legal battle. The
    > defamation court could probably care less about the side bar issues of mold. When you typed the
    > lines and knew those were not the man's words of records, and sent the send button; did you have
    > intentions of causing him harm? Either producet the records subpeonead or seek a settlment. In
    > the game of life, its called a cheap shot on eiter side of the field. It is not factal, of if it
    > is get on with it and prove it in court.
    > jc
    > On 2/17/08, Sharon wrote:
    >> JohnCodie,
    >> Not true. I switched attorneys back mid-summer. I now have attorneys who specialize in libel.
    >> Should have done this in the first place. And I have no problem being exposed to the public eye
    >> as you say. Not my favorite thing to do, but it is necessary to move this issue forward and
    >> remove the deceit from the mold issue.
    >> What I DO have a problem with, are people interpreting what is happening in my life and my case
    >> who have no clue what they are talking about. Like you just now, concluding there is a
    >> problem...when there is not and Mike B putting out absolute lies that I would be turning over
    >> documents I was supposedly withholding on the 14th of February. That was PURE garbage, made up
    >> in his own little mind. So, I could care less what people say about this case as long as they
    >> have their facts straight. I wrote the truth and stand by it.
    >> If you are going to write, get your facts straight before writing. Which both you and Mike B
    >> have not done.
    >> All is going well. Please THINK before you write about my life.

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