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    Re: Valentine's Day

    Posted by Deborah on 2/21/08

    Ah, maybe someone is off their meds.

    On 2/20/08, Sharon wrote:
    > JohnCodie,
    > What on earth are you talking about? The suit with Kelman is regarding 5 words ONLY. ALL the rest that
    > have written regarding ACOEM, Kelman, US Chamber, etc, is in regard to a public deceit in science that
    > harming the lives of MANY!!!! And it is my right, and actually my obligation to my fellowman.
    > I have shown you where to find the press release.
    > I have shown you where to find the testimony. DID YOU READ IT???????
    > And you what? Accuse me of getting business for Shoemaker? And that I am withholding documents. And
    > that these are what words where?
    > Get off of it, John. You are not even making sense....once again! You attack for dumbest reasons.
    > What was it last time? People drink in the Grove before football games, so everyone who ever went to
    > Miss is a spoiled brat, in your eyes.
    > Do you hate EVERYONE who went to Ole Miss? Or, just WHAT IS YOUR POINT?
    > Sharon
    > On 2/20/08, johncodie wrote:
    >> Guest Commentary by "Sharon Kramer" by: that assumes none
    >> of your liability.
    >> 3/9/05
    >> "Dr.Bruce Kelman of GlobalTox,Inc, a Washington based environmental risk management company, testified
    >> as an expert witness for the defense, as he does in mold cases throughout the country."
    >> "Upon viewing documents presented by the Hayne's attorney of Kelman's prior testimony from a case in
    >> Arizona, "Dr. Kelman altered his under oath statements on the witness stand.""
    >> Sharon Kramer those are your words, not Dr. Kelman's words. He read the transcript but those were not
    >> his word you quoted. Get your facts straight before you make accusations not substantiation by the
    >> court or the individual; preferably in writing. Where does Dr. Kelman ever request to amend his
    >> previous statement under oath? Where does the court cite him for changing his testimony. Those words
    >> and accusations was of the plantiff's attorny of which he can make any accussations. You must have
    >> gotten confused Sharon, and even though everything is fine, your looking at forking over close to a
    >> quarter to a half of a millon. Was it worth trashing DR Kelman? Did Dr Shoemaker put you up to it soe
    >> he could get more business. Turn over the documents between you and Dr. Shoemaker, and Thrasher.
    >> jc
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