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    Re: Diversion tactics

    Posted by Mike B. on 2/15/08

    Wow. You may get your chance to be like Sharon.

    You made this statement yesterday:

    "Do you really think that any statement made by Sharon
    regarding alteration of testimony, which the good doc

    What is YOUR proof to back up your statement that the doctor
    altered his testimony?

    On 2/15/08, Deborah wrote:
    > I guess Sharon is used to the tactics now. This is the
    > price that a decent person pays for having the courage and
    > backbone to stand up to such a horrendous atrocity that
    > impacts every one in this country regardless of any SES
    > considerations save ability to seek help when one finally
    > discovers that mold is making them or their loved ones ill.
    > Attacking for one word, I believe it was "substantially",
    > not the altered part, to deflect the greater outrage that
    > the entire premise for the promulgated paper was based on
    > one faulty rodent study and reached conclusions that are not
    > supported by other lofty organizations.
    > What Sharon has done as an advocate is admirable, what her
    > detractors have done is despicable. Perhaps they think
    > everyone will conveniently "forget" their serious
    > transgressions if they keep hammering on her for the use of
    > an adjective; guess it depends on what your definition of
    > "substantially" is.

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