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    Re: Justice System Shield Medical Device Mnfg'ers

    Posted by Deborah on 2/22/08

    When my super powers kick in, I, too, will be IMMUNE to
    everything, including mold and all other toxins. I cannot
    find my Wonder Woman bracelets or my Lariat of Truth; can't
    fit into suit anymore.

    On another note, I hope everyone will use common sense and
    realize that there is no protection save what you provide
    yourself. Do your homework and research on any medical
    implants/devises and realize that the FDA approval is not like
    the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.

    On 2/21/08, Deborah wrote:
    > February 21, 2008
    > Justices Shield Medical Devices From Lawsuits
    > WASHINGTON — Makers of medical devices like implantable
    > defibrillators or breast implants are immune from liability
    > for personal injuries as long as the Food and Drug
    > Administration approved the device before it was marketed
    > and it meets the agency’s specifications, the Supreme Court
    > ruled on Wednesday.
    > The 8-to-1 decision was a victory for the Bush
    > administration, which for years has sought broad authority
    > to pre-empt tougher state regulation.
    > In 2004, the administration reversed longstanding federal
    > policy and began arguing that “premarket approval” of a new
    > medical device by the F.D.A. overrides most claims for
    > damages under state law. Because federal law makes no
    > provision for damage suits against device makers, injured
    > patients have turned to state law and have won substantial
    > awards.

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