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    Re: HVAC Mold Inspections

    Posted by Rem Dude on 2/26/08


    Mold contamination is certainly grounds for breaking a lease if the
    landlord is unresponsive to requests to correct the problem.


    On 2/26/08, Deborah wrote:
    > Don't have it in front of me, but standard rule is that immovables
    > are considered domain of property owner.
    > No matter, when I asked to have it done, inspection guy was
    > labeled fraud by landlord and I was told to leave despite offering
    > to assist in payment or pay for it all, this after verbal lease
    > renewal just a few weeks before.
    > When the water in hall was discovered just a couple of weeks or so
    > later, leading to HVAC closet and plugged condensation tube, I had
    > a good look at underneath of coils and intake plenum. Handyman
    > said he'd "cleaned" coils 3x during the prior year at landlord's
    > request...without my knowledge, of course. Handyman said he'd
    > told landlord coils needed to be replaced or removed for thorough
    > cleaning...landlord refused to do either. Again, I had no
    > knowledge of any of this. Water had been flowing under carpet
    > padding for some time. And, no, my sense of smell wasn't
    > functioning properly due to prior poisoning.
    > When it is my responsibility to do more than regularly change
    > filter, depending on unit, clean 2 to 4 times per year. In my
    > camper, it was easy to do frequently. Window units, depending on
    > where they are located, if done regularly and kept clean, not so
    > bad. Central HVAC beyond my capabilities without assist.
    > On 2/26/08, Rem Dude wrote:
    >> Depends. Read your leasing agreement...
    >> RD
    >> On 2/26/08, Deborah wrote:
    >>> Let me answer with a question; who is responsible for HVAC
    >>> evaluation, maintenance, and repair, landlord or tenant?
    >>> On 2/26/08, Rem Dude wrote:
    >>>> For those who complain about IAQ related illnesses or the
    >>>> dangers of mold, how often do you have your HVAC system
    >>>> evaluated?
    >>>> RD
    >>>> On 2/25/08, Rem Dude wrote:
    >>>>> In reviewing last year’s Residential HVAC system
    >>>>> inspections that we conducted, 100&37; of them tested
    >>>>> positive for internal duct board/insulation fungal
    >>>>> contamination and 100&37; of them tested positive for drip
    >>>>> pan fungal contamination.
    >>>>> In reviewing last year’s Commercial HVAC system
    >>>>> inspections that we conducted approximately 78&37; tested
    >>>>> positive for internal fungal contamination.
    >>>>> RD

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