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    Re: HVAC Mold Inspections

    Posted by Deborah on 2/29/08

    If the property owner had knowledge of the defect, concealed it, and failed
    to inform, and knew occupant was sick with symptoms known to be caused by
    the problem, do you feel the lease was breached?

    On 2/29/08, Rem Dude wrote:
    > Deborah
    > Not really. I look at enough of them every day.
    > RD
    > On 2/29/08, Deborah wrote:
    >> hmm, "if you don't like it, move" and "if it made you ill, you are a
    >> whining, card-carrying member of the Victim Industry who is
    >> genetically inferior, er, susecptible".
    >> Would you like to see the pics and lab report on what was found on the
    >> HVAC coils in my place?
    >> On 2/26/08, Rem Dude wrote:
    >>> Deborah:
    >>> Mold contamination is certainly grounds for breaking a lease if the
    >>> landlord is unresponsive to requests to correct the problem.
    >>> RD
    >>> On 2/26/08, Deborah wrote:
    >>>> Don't have it in front of me, but standard rule is that immovables
    >>>> are considered domain of property owner.
    >>>> No matter, when I asked to have it done, inspection guy was
    >>>> labeled fraud by landlord and I was told to leave despite offering
    >>>> to assist in payment or pay for it all, this after verbal lease
    >>>> renewal just a few weeks before.
    >>>> When the water in hall was discovered just a couple of weeks or so
    >>>> later, leading to HVAC closet and plugged condensation tube, I had
    >>>> a good look at underneath of coils and intake plenum. Handyman
    >>>> said he'd "cleaned" coils 3x during the prior year at landlord's
    >>>> request...without my knowledge, of course. Handyman said he'd
    >>>> told landlord coils needed to be replaced or removed for thorough
    >>>> cleaning...landlord refused to do either. Again, I had no
    >>>> knowledge of any of this. Water had been flowing under carpet
    >>>> padding for some time. And, no, my sense of smell wasn't
    >>>> functioning properly due to prior poisoning.
    >>>> When it is my responsibility to do more than regularly change
    >>>> filter, depending on unit, clean 2 to 4 times per year. In my
    >>>> camper, it was easy to do frequently. Window units, depending on
    >>>> where they are located, if done regularly and kept clean, not so
    >>>> bad. Central HVAC beyond my capabilities without assist.
    >>>> On 2/26/08, Rem Dude wrote:
    >>>>> Depends. Read your leasing agreement...
    >>>>> RD
    >>>>> On 2/26/08, Deborah wrote:
    >>>>>> Let me answer with a question; who is responsible for HVAC
    >>>>>> evaluation, maintenance, and repair, landlord or tenant?
    >>>>>> On 2/26/08, Rem Dude wrote:
    >>>>>>> For those who complain about IAQ related illnesses or the
    >>>>>>> dangers of mold, how often do you have your HVAC system
    >>>>>>> evaluated?
    >>>>>>> RD
    >>>>>>> On 2/25/08, Rem Dude wrote:
    >>>>>>>> In reviewing last year’s Residential HVAC system
    >>>>>>>> inspections that we conducted, 100&37; of them tested
    >>>>>>>> positive for internal duct board/insulation fungal
    >>>>>>>> contamination and 100&37; of them tested positive for drip
    >>>>>>>> pan fungal contamination.
    >>>>>>>> In reviewing last year’s Commercial HVAC system
    >>>>>>>> inspections that we conducted approximately 78&37; tested
    >>>>>>>> positive for internal fungal contamination.
    >>>>>>>> RD

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