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    Re: HVAC Mold Inspections

    Posted by Rem Dude on 4/16/08

    That is why an annual IAQ/mold inspection is so important - catch little problems before they
    become BIG problems.


    On 4/15/08, Mold Bleeder wrote:
    > On 3/06/08, Rem Dude wrote:
    >> A simple mold inspection prior to moving in to the contaminated apartment could have avoided
    >> all the problems for this family. But then they would have been out $250 as opposed to
    >> winning $190K in a settlement.
    >> RD
    > The fact remains that very few people know that mold is a problem for which there is a need for
    > inspection.
    > Just ask about any doctor - mold is unlikely to hurt anyone who isn't immunocompromised from
    > or advanced cancer or those with unusual pulmonary circumstances. If you don't have any of
    > these rare health situations, why on earth would anyone test or have the first clue that they
    > need to test? The common belief is that mold is not a problem - why on earth would people test
    > for something that isn't a problem?
    > Like so many other things, you don't know what you don't know until it bites you in the ass.
    > the time one does know better, they may already have lost the ability to work and with it the
    > financial flexibility to break a lease, put down new deposits and hire movers. In my
    > observation, it's not uncommon for tenants who DO test very often find themselves served with
    > eviction notice in retaliation.
    > It's all well and good for a professional in the field to say what everyone *should* do in
    > advance of moving into a situation to avert dangers lurking which aren't visible to the
    > untrained eye - but the rest of us could use a bit of help getting the word out so that people
    > can know this before they become sick.
    > Thanks for the after the fact heads up. ;-) Hindsight IS 20/20...
    > ~Haley

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