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    Re: HVAC Mold Inspections

    Posted by Mold Bleeder on 4/16/08

    Ah, so the solution is entirely simple! So glad to know it, what the heck are any of us whining about?

    Only the simple solution you recommend DID NOT identify what was on the premises when we DID do it - and
    we spent $500 a piece. Not so simple if the simple test doesn't find what's actually there, is it? And
    we KNOW it's there because we've found it since after plunking down a LOT more money.

    RD, I have never, ever disputed your item #1. No disagreement there at all. If that hadn't been
    foundational to my belief system, I wouldn't have been alive to even be exposed to mold, but that's a
    WHOLE 'nother story. That's a real knee-slapper.

    If you're ill and your doctors keep telling you that you're not, it gets hard to sleuth out what the
    problem is with the cognitive dissonance. Doesn't mean it's not your responsibility to figure it out,
    but efforts don't always lead to success.

    And even if the testing we did HAD identified the toxins that were there, my doctor would have told me
    it couldn't make me ill.

    Sure, I'm responsible for my health - we all were and got out as soon as we got the first indication
    that the mold was a culprit in some kind of our ill health. But the illness that got diagnosed wasn't
    lethal, and yet what we were exposed to DID cause lethality of one of us.

    Seems to me this makes a kind of issue that deserves a bit of an effort on the part of society to get
    the word out about... The prevention you are advocating didn't work when we employed it.


    On 4/16/08, Rem Dude wrote:
    > 1. You are responsible for your own health - period.
    > 2. If you care about your health and IAQ exposure, then take matters into your own hands - remember
    > point 1.
    > 3. An IAQ inspection is harmless, does not cost a fortune, and takes less than a few hours -
    > remember point 1.
    > 4. An annual inspection catches little problems before they become big problems - remember point 1.
    > 5. Sitting on your ass waiting from someone else to rescue you only demonstrates ignorance -
    > remember point 1.
    > 6. If your health and peace-of-mind is not worth the $250, then continue to ignore the issue -
    > remember point 1.
    > The solution is quite simple - become informed and proactive.
    > RD

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