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    Re: HVAC Mold Inspections

    Posted by Mold Bleeder on 4/17/08

    Yeah - well, things have just gotten more difficult for people in
    New York City where the mayor has been pushing a bill that would
    require people/organizations to get permits from the police to do
    environmental testing... I'm not sure that owners will be required
    to follow this, but non-owners certainly would be.

    If that passed, it will now be ILLEGAL to do environmental testing
    without proper permitting, whatever that is going to be and cost.

    We can all pretty much agree that the POLICE DEPARTMENT is
    unlikely to be a good organization to regulate the permitting of
    environmental testing, can't we?

    RD - maybe you could write to Bloomberg to tell him that -in your
    professional experience- individuals *must* test because they are
    responsible for their own health. Could you do that for us, please?


    On 4/17/08, AVE wrote:
    > On 2/26/08, Rem Dude wrote:
    >> For those who complain about IAQ related illnesses or the
    >> dangers of mold, how often do you have your HVAC system
    >> evaluated?
    >> RD

    > Well, I can tell you that the people living in apartments...if
    > they were to even ask for this kind of an evaluation..would
    > never have their lease renewed! I just watched a man that had
    > tons of mold in his apt. move with his child...the
    > complex,,,did NOTHING other than recarpet the unit and repaint.
    > Within 2 weks they had the unit rented again. I feel bad for
    > the tenants and would love to let them know however...If the
    > owners found I did this...I would not have a roof over my head.

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