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    Post: UTube Fox News Whistleblowers, Amazing Video!

    Posted by Sharon on 3/05/08

    FOX News Whistle blowers. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

    10 minute video, "dire consequences for Fox News if..aired
    in Florida"..."fired because I refused..." "how bout if we
    just pay you some money..." "offer us the rest of our
    years' salary.." "not talk about BGH, again
    anywhere.." "no, you can never speak about this
    anywhere.." "wrote it up..." FedEx'ed" "did things like
    for example wanted to take out the word 'cancer'..." "you
    shouldn't have to rewrite something 83 times.." "announced
    they were going to fire us..." "You're firing us because
    we knew..." "appeals court found distorting news not
    against the law".


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