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    Post: Who is BB? I might just know...

    Posted by CLCT on 5/20/08

    BB is a guy that was banned from a coin forum (PCGS) for
    not getting along with others. He was so mad about it he
    built a website devoted to (

    He lives in a trailer in Oregon and currently spends most
    of his time harassing people at the CLCT stock forum (he
    owns no stock). His name is "poorchoice" but everyone knows
    him as BB.

    Here's THAT link
    s_C/forumv iew?bn=3748

    BB is a troll and a good one. I'm surprised he hasn't been
    banned on here yet like he's been on many other boards.
    He's just a hateful, loney old man that will stop at
    nothing to do what he does best...hate.

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