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    Re: TOXIC OZONE and Chemicals used to remove SMOKE odor dama

    Posted by mm on 5/16/12

    On 5/16/12, mm wrote:
    > On 5/27/08, Sara wrote:
    >> Don't let them use OZONE or toxic petrol chemicals to
    >> remove smoke odor damage to your home. Your home will NEVER
    >> be the same. You need to strip out the odor damage to the
    >> studs if needed and replace with same. If you let them do
    >> the current standard protocol you will be left a sick house
    >> with toxic chemical residue that will never leave in your
    >> children's life time. Tests will not be able to detect
    >> these toxic products left after ozone use. The measurements
    >> are all wrong for testing anyway. Pesticides DO harm people
    >> yet they are listed as "safe" to use. Be smart and strong.
    >> It is cheaper for them to use chemicals and ozone but not
    >> for you only for them. It will cost you dearly over time.
    >> Your health will suffer even if you do not notice the
    >> effect.
    >> research high levels of OZONE. ozone indoor air quality,
    >> oxidizes everything in your home. ozone changes the surface
    >> chemistry of many materials in your home that then out gas.
    > My home was completely made unlivable by the chemicals used
    > including the ozone. I found many others who were never able
    > to move back in due to the chemicals used. One man and his
    > family only allowed ozone to be used. His whole family got
    > very sick and were harmed. They could not go inside without
    > gas masks. google John Thill family and fire. Lives in Santa
    > Cruz county. He is a contractor. His lawyer and mine also was
    > Gary Rose in Los Gatos CA. I got very sick from the chemicals
    > used. My house had to be stripped to the studs but only after
    > a lenthy grouling legal battle. If you keep you
    > will find lots of info on the dangers of OZONE alone. Companys
    > are starting to stop using ozone because of the problems. I
    > had a restoration company tell me this. The owner got sick
    > from his own exposure to his own chemicals used in his
    > company. He stopped using ozone. plus he got so sick he almost
    > died. it ruins materials which are never the same. The smell
    > didn't ever leave many items. Some did but only after about 4
    > yrs. But some never. Even though my house is mostly all
    > stripped now. It still smells when it's hot and it happened in
    > Jan 07. My house is still not fixed because I didn't get
    > enough money to do so. If you don't get a lawyer right away it
    > goes from bad to worse very soon. The ins co strings you
    > along. They know there will come an end to your housing etc
    > and then you are between a rock and a hard place. They you are
    > willing to take less and get on with it. But you need a really
    > good lawyer who is willing to go the distance. It's very
    > expensive to go to court because you need expert witnesses and
    > they cost a fortune and they have deep pockets so it;s hard to
    > impossible to win. The contractor did worse than me and they
    > actually went to court. We settled after a long drawn out yr
    > and a half before we went to mediation. But we had a few
    > things on our side like the fact that my ins co actually made
    > the call to the company that ruined by home with over
    > treatment of chemicals. The ins co offered to pay for
    > expensive testing at the tune of $6300. They knew it would
    > actually help THEIR case and it did. They knew full well that
    > it would not show anything because the analytical methods used
    > by CHI aren't able to detect the small particles that the
    > ozone create. Toxic small particles. I can't think of their
    > names but I found two environmental scientists who had done
    > research with ozone in residential homes. It showed that it
    > leaves a toxic soup which is worse than the original chemicals
    > because it oxidizes all paint, plastic, glue, etc etc. Ruins
    > circuit boards alas you computer. So don't leave them in the
    > house with ozone. We lost everything from the ozone and
    > chemicals it would have cost the ins co less to have stripped
    > my house in the first place but they did not want to set a
    > precedent by admitting something had gone wrong and the
    > chemicals did not come out as stated. I would stand your
    > ground and not allow any chemicals or ozone. Ozone done
    > correctly and only used for 24 hrs might not be so bad, But
    > you have to dehumidify first for the ozone to work right.
    > They didn't do this and it took 3 weeks of ozone which did
    > nothing. After dehumidifying it got rid of the smoke smell
    > finally but never the chemicals. My house reeked 30 feet out
    > the doors or windows and I got chemically sensitized by
    > exposure to these.
    > Get every communication in writing. Start emailing everything.
    > look up and make sure what you are entitle to and start
    > requesting those things if you wait you will never get all
    > that is due you after you go to court. It all gets lumped
    > together. Even email back any verbal conversations with what
    > was said and by who...document every single conversation in
    > writing and send it to them via email If you don't get a
    > response...document that and write that to them. that you sen
    > this and didn't get a response. They are smart and screwed and
    > they know just what they are doing. they know how it will turn
    > out. You may want to get a personal adjuster who works for
    > you. I heard good things about using them. That they will get
    > you more for your money. I found others by being consistent
    > online researching. one of the ozone researchers was in NJ the
    > other one was in Sweden. The chemical injury network s very
    > helpful. The woman is brilliant. The 50 dollars is well worth
    > what she will share with you. Try to hire an environment
    > indoor air quality kind of CHI. My first lawyer hired a big
    > company that ended up working for Allstate and helping them.
    > because they were not indoor air quality kinda co. Good luck
    > and feel free to email me back

    MAKE sure that if you do use a co to ozone or whatever that you
    make the ins co actually make the call and actually do the
    hiring and get in writing that they will back up who they hire.
    if YOU hire them then you are responsible if they screw up not
    the ins co. Even if you only make the call. than it was you who
    choose the CO to use to. They get ya coming and going. Be smart
    and document everything. Are you owed gas money food money
    housing money etc etc. make sure you get that as you go.

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