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    Post: TOXIC OZONE and Chemicals used to remove SMOKE odor damage

    Posted by Sara on 5/27/08

    Don't let them use OZONE or toxic petrol chemicals to
    remove smoke odor damage to your home. Your home will NEVER
    be the same. You need to strip out the odor damage to the
    studs if needed and replace with same. If you let them do
    the current standard protocol you will be left a sick house
    with toxic chemical residue that will never leave in your
    children's life time. Tests will not be able to detect
    these toxic products left after ozone use. The measurements
    are all wrong for testing anyway. Pesticides DO harm people
    yet they are listed as "safe" to use. Be smart and strong.
    It is cheaper for them to use chemicals and ozone but not
    for you only for them. It will cost you dearly over time.
    Your health will suffer even if you do not notice the

    research high levels of OZONE. ozone indoor air quality,
    oxidizes everything in your home. ozone changes the surface
    chemistry of many materials in your home that then out gas.

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