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    Re: Who has had experiences with Ritchie Shoemaker?

    Posted by Mold Guy on 5/30/09

    I have not been on this website in years but, I see we still
    have kooks asking rhetorical questions with no substance.

    The FDA letter is not important. The product insert for the
    drug in question was improperly placed by the manufacturer -
    not Dr. Shoemaker. The same product is used for dogs and
    people. The difference is the product insert with directions.

    The FDA does not appove all methods and uses of products. MDs
    can write off label prescriptions if they have data to back-
    it. Case in point: The EPA medical handbook lists
    Cholestyramine for pesticide poisoning for neurotoxic
    pesticides. A study with rats showed the same drug was
    effective for fumonisin mycotoxin. The same results were also
    seen in a study for horses.

    I would hope anyone who is going to be opinionated would
    atleast bother to get educated before letting the world know
    they are not educated.

    Mold Guy

    On 8/25/08, RS Fan wrote:
    > Ask him about his FDA warning, followed by what he is
    > presently prescribing his patients, followed by if his
    > regimen is FDA approved...
    > RS Fan
    > On 8/25/08, Jo Davidson wrote:
    >> Hey I am interviewing Ritchie Shoemaker, and I an open to
    >> question and comments pro and con regarding his work and
    >> ideas. Anybody have any experiences with his protocol?
    >> Please email me! Sincerely, Jo

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