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    Re: Downey Disposal Site - Sharon Kramer

    Posted by Mike B. on 1/12/10


    This is one of those positions for which you obviously don't
    have any support and can't provide a legitimate response.

    You have made the statements below in public. You won't back
    up those statements because you have no proof; just
    conjecture and assumptions.

    It's time you start backing up your public assertions.

    On 1/11/10, Mike B. wrote:
    > Sharon:
    > What evidence do you have to support your assertions that a
    > lot of the Downey workers were made ill not just by the man-
    > made chemicals, but also by the microbial contaminants that
    > they apparently put in the soil?
    > Are you equating bioengineering with mold that shows up in
    > your home?

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