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    Re: Andrew Saxon, M.D.

    Posted by ave on 3/22/10

    On 1/17/10, bizotch71 wrote:
    > Does anybody know about this Dr. Saxon? He firmly
    > believes that mold has no ill effects. Ever heard of the
    > Manhattan report?

    Just move on then.DONT waste your time on a doc that does
    not know anything or think it affects you! Aspergillus has
    caused illness in the lungs for years and thats just one
    illness. Valley Fever??google it.. HOW can ANYONE that has
    knowledge say it has no bad effects?? PISSES me off!Most
    just dont want to learn. Docs found it in my
    sinuses..biopsies dont lie.. and put me on ANtifungals for
    years as well as antifungal nasal sprays...Also have
    permanent neuro damage. DOnt let anyone think your crazy!!!
    They are the ones that are crazy if they dont treat you! OR

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