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    Posted by st on 6/02/10

    On 5/30/10, st wrote:
    > Ironically, on the same day the New York Times article,
    > "Safety Rules Can't Keep Up With Biotech Industry" broke,
    > the scientific watchdog group, The Council for Responsible
    > Genetics-GeneWatch Magazine submitted the electronic
    > version of the print subscription; March-April 2010 issue
    > titled, "BioLab Safety".
    > The Editor of GeneWatch, Sam Anderson stated in the
    > Editorial Section, " This may be one of the most important
    > GeneWatch issue in recent memory".
    > The electronic version of GeneWatch magazine; BioLab Safety
    > is available free online at
    > ut.xml&showFlipBtn=true
    > This 28 page electronic version can be read as you would a
    > “printed” magazine issue.
    > March-April 2010 issue; "BioLab Safety" articles:
    > A Cruel and Unusual Corporation By Ralph Nader   A Roach in
    > the Kitchen By CRG staff - interview with Becky McClain  
    > Commentary: GM Crops By Eric Hoffman   Dedication: Tony
    > Mazzocchi By Jeremy Gruber   Give Them an Inch... By
    > Michael Siciliano   One Bug, One Drug By Lynn Klotz, Edward
    > Sylvester   The Lab in My Backyard By Beth Willis   Teatime
    > in the Lab By Sam Anderson   Book Review: Breeding Bio
    > Insecurity and Germs Gone Wild By Andrew Thibedeau  
    > Flushing It Down the Rabbit Hole By Andrew Thibedeau  
    > Topic: Genetic Discrimination By Jeremy Gruber   Topic:
    > Forensic DNA Databanks By CRG Staff   The Case of Dr.
    > Malcolm Casadaban By CRG Staff

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