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    Re: Morgellons Disease

    Posted by Barb Metcalf on 7/30/10

    On 7/26/10, TK wrote:
    > Hi,
    > Has any one filed civi legal action against Monsanto1

    Not that I'm aware of...who's going to have enough funds to
    go up against Monsanto when they already control the Feds?

    Most of us who have this horrific disease are just making it
    day to day without funds for shelter, food and medical. The
    disease has already exhausted our financial future. Many
    folks have already lost their homes, jobs, and all savings
    because of this disease and no one is helping us at all!
    The medical community turns away at the very mention of
    Morgellons or labels us with DOP - Delusions of Parasitosis
    and then takes whatever is left!

    Many folks have already died with this disease, yet the CDC
    refuses to release any information to us regarding their
    investigation with Kaiser Permanente. Information from a
    journalist/author familiar with gov't covert actions found
    that this is a result of the MKULTRA/MKNAOMI projects at
    Fort Detrick.

    This is criminal in my estimation, yet no legal firm will
    take on individual cases or a Class Action to date or
    possibly ever, until the Feds own up to their own
    participation in this criminal act.

    Barb Metcalf

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