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    Re: Toxic Mold Physician

    Posted by Chris on 3/17/11

    On 12/30/10, Lynn Biddle wrote:
    > On 12/29/10, Lynn Biddle wrote:
    >> My daughter has been sick for six years. Almost every organ
    >> system has been affected. She has no diagnosis, and
    >> therefore no treatment. Can you recommend a doctor with
    >> experience in treating exposure to toxic mold?
    > I live in the Boston area.

    Try looking through the American Academy of Environmental
    Medicine ( ) doctor directory list.
    The doctors affiliated with the AAEM specialize in Environmental
    Medicine and are generally very aware of how the environment can
    effect the body.

    I've heard good things in particular about Barry Elson ( ), Thomas LaCava ( ), and Lisa Nagy ( )in particular, so their
    practices might be a good place to start.

    Hope you find someone to help your daughter.


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